IVRI LIDER – Biography

“Ivri Lider is one of the most successful Israeli musicians of his generation, appreciated by fellow artists, critics, and the public alike. Through his lyrics, Ivri brings to life the thoughts and day-to-day encounters of a new generation of Israelis – a generation he calls The New People.”

“It comes as no surprise to those who follow the Israeli music scene that the combination of Ivri’s songwriting and his unique voice have made him not only a star, but one of the most adored and respected people in Israel.”


Lider took the Israeli music world by storm and has sold over a million copies of his albums, which includes 12 original albums, live albums and DVDs. His performances are highly-praised by critics and audiences alike, and are always quick to sell out.

Lider has fans spanning all generations – teenagers, soldiers, students, young couples, and even the young at heart who are sixty and over. His songs have become the soundtrack of Israeli living.




Lider’s songs are continuously played on the radio and appear on the most-played list of most stations.

Lider’s performances are energetic and passionate. He is unwaveringly devoted to his audiences. In return, they love him back.


Lider was the only artist chosen by Coca Cola to perform in the Coca Cola Summer Village, performing in front of thousands of enthusiastic teenagers. At the end of the summer, Coca Cola released a video based on Lider’s hit single “I have had the privilege to love.”

Coca Cola – http://youtu.be/eqHcFLtPb74                               





The Young Professionals (TYP)

In 2011, Lider partnered with music producer Johnny Goldstein to establish the international electro-pop group The Young Professionals (TYP). TYP was signed by Polydor Universal records and released their debut album in Israel and France.


TYP was chosen to lead the “American Express Blue Card – Designed for Young Professionals” campaign:


TYP produced a video clip for the Weizmann Institute of Science, one of the leading science research Institutions worldwide. The video is titled “Touching something no one found” and features some of the most esteemed scientists in the world. The video was shot inside of a particle accelerator:



Lider is renowned for his collaborations with other artists. Working with some of the premiere Israeli recording artists, Lider is able to create moving and sweeping singles.

Ivri and Rita:


Ivri and Marina (video shot and uploaded by fan):


Ivri and Ninet Tayeb:


In addition to working with popular recording artists, Lider was also able to indulge his love of classical music by initiating a tour with the Revolution Orchestra. This fascinating dialog between classical, electronic, rock and pop music genres graced stages ranging from leading Israeli music festivals to the stage of the Israeli Opera at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.



Music Producer

Throughout his career, Lider has worked closely with some of Israel’s leading singers, including Rita, Idan Raichel, Gilad Segev, Natan Goshen and others. He has worked with them producing songs, albums and live shows.

All of the albums Ivri produced for other artists have reached gold and platinum status, and their shows have sold out, running for lengthy periods of time.

Versatile Artist

Ivri is known for his versatility and for his passion to collaborate with artists from all different genres. In addition to collaborating with other musicians, he works with artists from the film, video, visual arts and dance world.

Modern & Contemporary Dance

Ivri has composed the music for two of Anat Daniel’s choreographies – “Kisses” and “October.” In addition, Lider has composed music for Israel’s leading dance group Bat Sheva with the choreography of Ohad Naharin, who also chose Lider to compose music for the famous Dutch dance group NDT.

Lider has also composed music for the Aluminum Dance Group, and his music accompanies the group’s new dance show, which is performed worldwide.


Lider is also a beloved composer of the well-known Israeli film director Eitan Fox, having composed music for some of Fox’s most successful films in the last decade: Yossi & Jagger and Walking on Water, the latter of which earned Lider two Israeli Academy Awards and spawned dance floor hits in Israel and around the world.

Lider also composed the soundtrack for the film The Bubble and appeared in it, performing as himself.

Yossi & Jagger:


Walking on Water:

Cinderella Rafaela

The Bubble:


Visual Arts

Sparks flew when Lider met lighting work artist Grimanesa Amoros. “He is an amazing performer and composer,” said Amoros.”And so good looking, my god. When we met, we had an amazing connection.”

That connection has led to Lider’s music being featured Amoros’s video work. “He did an amazing job with the music and brought the images to life,” she continued. Amoros’s lighting work has been shown worldwide, including in the Biennale di Venezia, Times Square in New York City, and in Japanese Designer Issey Miyake’s store.

In March of 2012, Lider’s band TYP performed at the grand opening of the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art with a special production combining video mapping and 8 string musicians. The music was composed by TYP for the opening of the new wing and was inspired by the texture of the new building:



Mentor, Teacher, Guide.

In one of his most high-profile roles yet, Lider has been serving as a mentor and judge on the international hit television show The X Factor, which has completed its first season in Israel. Lider stands out as a judge and has taken the reins on the show to guide young, talented contestants through five rounds of competition.

This past year, Lider was also recruited to the IDF Education Unit to establish a military music group that sings Lider songs exclusively. Lider accompanies the group on tours, performing for soldiers all over Israel.

Lider works closely with the group and each of its members on all aspects of becoming a performing artist, from choosing the repertoire to how to present a song, perform on stage,and more.


In addition, Lider teaches first degree music students at the Ono Academic Music School. Lider teaches the students how to produce a song and has even helped them produce four singles that were released to the radio.

Fashion and styling

Lider is considered a fashion icon with a global flair, and that has not escaped the attention of top Israeli and international fashion designers, including Alber Elbaz of the high fashion house Lanvin.

Lider is currently working with the Israeli fashion house Castro on designing a capsule collection called IV2. This follows the success of the first Lider-Castro collaboration, a collection Lider was instrumental in from the initial sketches to the final, unique touches.


Ivri Lider is an avid athlete, regularly taking part in triathlons.

http://bidur.nana10.co.il/Article/?ArticleID=954310  (1:35)

One of his most memorable videos is the product of footage shot by 680 Israeli backpackers around the world. The backpackers’ own personal videos that were compiled into one breathtaking video called “Backpack.”




Ivri Lider is one of the most successful Israeli musicians of his generation, appreciated by fellow artists, critics, and the public alike. Through his lyrics, Ivri brings to life the thoughts and day-to-day encounters of a new generation of Israelis – a generation he calls “The New People.”

It comes as no surprise to those who follow the Israeli music scene that the combination of Ivri’s songwriting and his unique voice have made him not only a star, but one of the most adored and respected people in Israel.


Born in a Kibbutz in 1974, and started playing   on piano when he was 5 years old.

His first musical steps while still in high school. At the age of 17, he started a group called Everyone Does It like this, whose gigs included a performance at the legendary Roxanne club in Tel Aviv.

As he continued to refine musical skills throughout his teen years, renowned Israeli modern dance choreographer Anat Danieli commissioned Lider to compose the music for two of her pieces, “Kisses” and “October.” Shortly thereafter, he was tapped by Ohad Naharrin to compose the music for “Kaamos,” which Naharrin choreographed for the famous Dutch dance company, NDT. And at the young age of 21, Israel’s leading dance company, Bat Sheva, chose Lider to compose the entire score for Z/NA, making him the youngest person to compose an entire evening of music in the company’s history.

Just a few years later, one of Israel’s largest record labels, Helicon Records, signed Ivri to produce his first album after receiving his demo tape in the mail.

His debut album, “Caressing and Lying”, was produced by Yo’ad Nevo and released in 1997. The singles “Leonardo” and “Always Love” were overnight radio hits, skyrocketing the record to Platinum status.

Ivri’s second album, “Better Nothing than Almost”, was released two years later. Again written entirely by Ivri, who this time co-produced with Nevo, the album included hits such as “Striped Shirt”, “The Blue Glass” and the title track

Again, thanks to Ivri’s haunting voice and vivid lyrics, his second album also received Platinum status.
Ivri’s second tour, “Better Nothing than Almost”, ran for 150 performances and won many prestigious awards, including Performer of the Year, awarded at the Israeli Music Industry Awards ceremony.
The astounding success of his first two albums established Ivri as more than just another singer-songwriter, but as the voice of a new generation of Israelis.

In 2001, Ivri produced Sharon Haziz’s third album, “Headlights”, and wrote the title song, which features a duet between the two artists.
January 2002 saw the release of “The New People.” This was Ivri’s first solo shot at producing, and the album blended his signature style with an edgier, more electronic sound.

It was around this time that Ivri came to a major decision in his personal life, and decided to speak honestly and openly about his sexuality. He gave a cover-story interview to Gal Uchovsky, for the daily newspaper Ma’ariv, which attracted widespread attention across the country. Despite the publicity it created, Ivri received warm and loving feedback from his fans, for which he is grateful to this very day.

“The New People” produced a number of hits including “Coffee Shops”, “At the Water’s Edge” and a moving rendition of Ehud Manor’s “Final Rain.” Sales of “The New People” soon reached Gold status.

The innovative performances that accompanied the release of this album solidified Lider’s status as one of the most popular artists among students and young people in Israel. He is widely considered to be a trendsetter for the new generation. During that same year, Ivri collaborated with Idan

Raichel, who was at the time a keyboard player in Ivri’s band. Ivri produced and arranged the song “Come Along,” which became a giant hit for Idan Raichel.

Not content limiting his musical prowess to just record stores, Ivri composed original music for Eytan Fox and Gal Uchovsky’s film “Yossi and Jagger.” The soundtrack included a cover of Rita’s 1980s hit “Come” sung by Ivri.

This new interpretation of Rita’s classic hit received rave reviews and became one of 2003’s most popular tracks on radio throughout the country.
Ivri also collaborated with actress Meital Duhan. Their show “Love and Sex During the Days of Awe” combined music, theatre and recitation that were specially created for this show A poet at heart, Ivri also published a book of poems he had written throughout the last decade.

During the summer of 2003, Ivri toured with Electro Live, a show that featured remixes of many of his hit songs, accompanied by innovative video art. And to round out an amazing year, he received the Lyricist of the Year award from ACUM, Israeli’s copyright collection society.

In 2004, Ivri again composed music for another Fox/Uchovsky film, “Walk on Water,” the soundtrack of which included a rendition of the classic Esther and Avi Ofarim hit “Cinderella Rockefeller” sung by Rita and Ivri. The soundtrack also features a remix of Ivri’s edgy rock song, “Mary Forever.”

Soon after, Lider co-produced Gilad Seggev’s debut album “It’s Okay Now”, and began working on his fourth album.

After writing all the songs, he decided to perform them in front of a live audience before recording them. Singing his new songs accompanied only by a piano, Ivri gave the audience a unique and intimate experience – an appetizer before the songs were arranged, produced, and recorded for the album.

“It’s Not The Same Thing” was released in February 2005 and immediately became a hit, again reaching Gold status in no time. In this album, Ivri decided to create a clean and completely different sound. An orchestra of 40 musicians played the string instruments heard throughout the album. Ivri’s musical gamble paid off. The album’s first single, “I’ve Known Love,” was a soft, sweet piano-based single that became an instant success, further solidifying Ivri’s place as a leading Israeli musician.

In October 2005, Ivri was publicly rewarded for his most recent display of musical foresight and creativity. He was awarded Male Singer of the Year award from all the major national and local radio stations, and was then awarded Best Male Singer and Best Live Show at the Israeli Music Awards.
In 2006, Ivri released the highly-anticipated Live DVD/CD in Tel Aviv. The live DVD and CD reached gold status immediately.

In June 2006, Ivri’s 3rd collaboration with Eytan Fox and Gal Uchovsky produced the score for their newest feature film, “The Bubble.” This time Ivri also appeared in a beautiful cameo where he sang the Gershwin classic, “The Man I Love.”
By the end of the summer of 2006, Ivri was selected by Time Out Tel Aviv to be on their list of the “200 Coolest People” and was also mentioned as one of “The Most Beautiful People” on the Hip List of Israel’s “People” magazine.

For Lider, 2007 has been his busiest year so far. In May, Sony Music released its first GLBT compilation under their boutique label, Music with a Twist. Ivri’s single, “Jesse,” was one of thousands of entries received from across the world, and Ivri was the only non-American artist chosen to appear on the CD. The video for “Jesse,” which was filmed in Northern Tel Aviv, has received widespread buzz in the blogosphere, even prompting Perez Hilton to post the video on his website and call it “Just  Gorgeous.” The video is now on rotation on LOGO’s Click List and generating lots of traffic on YouTube.

In June, Ivri wrapped up his 2 year, 300 performance tour for “It’s Not The Same Thing.” The final show, which took place in Tel Aviv, drew a record crowd and was a huge success. Ivri’s guests at the final show included the first Israeli Idol winner, Ninet Tayeb, as well as the popular Israeli musical collaboration, Metropolin. The show was a perfect ending to an extremely successful and critically acclaimed tour.

The following month, Ivri was named to OUT Magazine’s list of the 100 most important people of 2007, which will hit newsstands in December. He was also featured on CBS News on LOGO, where he was interviewed by fellow Israeli, Itay Hod.

  • For the remainder of 2007, Ivri finished production on Rita’s 7th studio album, “Remazim” (Clues). Ivri was also responsible for the tour’s musical production, which quickly became a smash hit.
  • In 2008 , he released his 5th Hebrew album, “In The Steady Rhythm Of Body Movements”which included the hits:  just ask, waking  up, the champion of the world,  The long roads and more
  • During 2009 Ivri promoted and toured with his 5th album, and was announced by Timeout Tel Aviv as one of 10 people who have the most significant impact on the Israeli music industry. Ivri finalize his first English album these days.

In 2010, Ivri participated in the international collection project by BuffetLibre label, with the song “Mike”. All of the incomes were dedicated to world organization Amnesty.

During that year, Ivri has cooperated with the appreciated musician and producer Assaf Amdursky. The two have produced a unique show, and launched it at Tel Aviv port.

Under the successful collaboration, the song “I cannot sleep” was released and became a radio mega hit. By that time, Ivri went on a special tour in Australia.

At the beginning of 2011, Ivri has completed his work on the soundtrack of “Aluminium” – a dance performance that has gone nationwide. a Few months later, on July 2011, Ivri has launched his new art-music project “The Young Professionals”.

The first single “D.I.S.C.O” has been released in Israel and in France at the same time, under the successful Dance collection album of Warner Music.

On September 2011, Ivri has released “20 Seconds”, the new single by “The Young Professionals”. In the beginning of 2012, TYP were signed by Polydor Records, the French extension of the international music company, Universal. And in live nation the largest music corporation in the world. The group released two international albums and went on tour in Europe, South America and more.

In 2012 Lider released his sixth album “Someone once” which immediately reached a gold album status. “Somebody once” was also the name of his new concert tour that followed the album. In November that year Lider started touring all over Israel with   the audience and the media raving the new concert. “Ivri Lider heats up the stage in Tel Aviv… ” “Pop icon proves why he’s one of Israel’s most  loved and appreciated modern musicians during celebratory concert at TA’s Habima.” where some of the quotes from the reviews.


In October 2013, Ivri Lider launched his first men’s wear collection with Castro Clothing Company, Israel’s leading fashion house, which was named IV. The collection embodied Lider’s character as a distinct style icon, expressing a new urban, vibrant fashion language. Castro’s designers, working closely with Ivri Lider, connected to his distinct style and his dynamic lifestyle, beginning with his everyday life in Tel Aviv, through his creative work and his love for style, sports and music.

The successful collaboration led to a second season, and in 2014 a second successful collection was launched, with an athletic technological interpretation, based on a colour pallet of black, white and blue, using a variety of innovative materials and unique textures.

In 2013 Lider released his first Music Book with 30 songs and some pictures taken by Lider. The book was published by the “greenhouse” project of Steimatzky and was also published in a digital format by the new   Tonara iPad app. for sheet music.


In October of 2013 the international television music competition The X Factor aired in Israel for the first time. Lider took his place alongside a three judge panel and led the judges table in a high-ratings season hosted by supermodel Bar Refaeli. During this season, Lider led the Groups’ team. A second season of the show aired in July 2015 which achieved some of the highest ratings in Israel. In the second season, Lider chose to lead the Boys team, after which he signed one contestant from the first season and one contestant from the second season to the record label he created together with Helicon Music.


In 2015 Lider released his seventh album “This love is ours” which included hits such as: “Everything is on fire”, “This love is ours”, “Childhood and the big city”. Following this Lider went on a national tour by the same name. The stage of the new show is surprisingly powerful, the stage combines unique video art projections alongside powerful and impressive lighting and a unique sound which envelopes body and soul. His shows in Caesarea and in performance halls all over the country are sold out and the critics are raving about the show, the critics have written about Lider: “It is impossible not to fall in love with him, Lider provides a glittering, precise pop show which combines current trends from worldwide pop and gives each person in the audience a chance to enter into his world. This love is ours indeed, Ivri Lider has become the true and unchallenged king of Israeli pop. A new Israeli leader is born.” Another critic wrote: “Lider is one of the best and most perfectionist performers in Israel. He is getting better with the years. His show is like a roller coaster ride. Lider knows how to kick but also knows how to touch your soul. This show demonstrates Lider at his best.



On 1.1.2017 the Ivri Lider – Ofer Meiri album was released, an album that began as a meeting of two musical producers for one song and led to the creation of a joint album. The first song released from the album was “First light”, followed by “Every day”, “Go but please don’t go”, “In this town”. The album was launched in a unique and original way with 3 special and unusual shows where Ivri and Ofer played the entire album and answered questions from the audience. As part of the promotional process of the album, it was performed in its entirety in the studio of YNET, the leading Israeli website, the first project of this kind on the website.


At the same time as the tour, Lider also gave a few unique and intimate shows which he explained in this way: “When a song is born, it is born small and intimate and then it begins to be covered by layers of musical instruments, sounds, beats and voices which blend together to create a whole and coherent creation. However, sometimes, when I’m on the stage, I want to peel all these layers away and present the song exactly as it was born in my studio, small and intimate, and that is what led to this intimate show.”

2017 – 20 years since “Melatef Umeshaker” (Caress and Lie)

Lider is celebrating 20 years since the appearance of Melatef Umeshaker, with a round of appearances opening, by tradition, at the Theater Club, Tel Aviv and continuing throughout the country, where he fills concert halls in the various cities to capacity.

2017 – “MERIMIM” – Ivri Lider and Tomer Meizner – Electronic

As part of Lider’s desire to bring varied and interesting formats to the stage, he has joined D.J. Tomer Meizner and the two are presenting a performance based on electronic arrangements of Lider’s hits, which stimulate the audience to move and dance.

2017 – “Sichot al Ahava” (Conversations about Love)

A performance that began at the Tel Aviv Piano Festival deriving from Lider’s desire to become better acquainted with the audience attending his performance. The concept is to strip away the layers of separation between the stage and the hall and to feel as close and as intimate as possible. During the performance Lider would bring on stage couples from the audience to speak about being a couple, connections and love while he strips his songs from the layers of musical instruments, sounds, rhythms and voices that all intermingle into a consolidated creation, and plays them on the piano, which is precisely how they were originally born.

2017 – Moogzam

For the first time in Israel – an extraordinary and unprecedented marketing campaign accompanying a single song that within just a few weeks became a dance that the whole country was dancing Moogzam.


2017 X-FACTOR 3

Lider rejoins the judging panel and continues leading the program alongside Moshe Peretz, Subliminal, and Shiri Maimon. This season sees Lider win with Eden_Elena and lead Yam_Refaeli to third place.


2018: KAN VE’ACHSHAV (Here and Now)

Lider begins a new round of performances, inspiring the whole country. It was called “Kan_Veachshav” [Here & Now] and brought with it a new and unique creative language from the perspectives of marketing, advertising and branding. Musical production of beloved and familiar songs adopted a new direction and the audience joined Lider’s journey in a musical range of sorrow in an evening that becomes an unforgettable experience, caressing the senses into stirring joyous delight.

2018: NESICHA SHELI (My Princess)

The second single Lider puts out. The clip for “Nesicha Sheli” [My Princess] features Bar Refaeli. The clip wins instant exposure, gaining millions of clicks on diverse digital platforms and becoming a huge hit. Lyrics are by Uri Ben Ari, and composed by Eitan Darmon. Nesicha_Sheli


2018: HANESHEF (The Prom)

Lider is invited to pen the soundtrack for “Haneshef” [The Ball, aka Flawless] and additionally writes the film’s theme song.

The film is a candidate for 12 Ophir Prizes, among them for the soundtrack. “Haneshef” is the narrative of three female adolescents in senior high school who try to become more socially acceptable as the high school prom approaches. Exploring acceptance of the other, the title song is “Kacha Zeh Ani” [That’s how I am].  Haneshef


Lider expands his creative interests into photography. Initially he presents as a participant in group showings, among them the International Photography Festival in Tel Aviv, Bible Lands Museum, and the Dittrich & Schlechtriem Gallery in Berlin, Germany. His first solo invitation comes from the distinguished Noga Gallery, the exhibition curated by Maya Anner.

In “Shavrir Shniya” [A Split Second] Lider presents theatrical moments from film, with their unique nature and esthetics. They cause the viewer to wonder about the moments which preceded and followed the recorded instant. Behind the pleasure, esthetics and fragility of these moments lurk emptiness and loneliness, the lie of “the glamorous life,” the flimsiness of daily life and the feebleness of life in general.




Here, Lider present “Daddy,” a collection of photographs taken in his father’s apartment immediately after his father’s passing. Lider forces the viewer to exert effort in observing the photographs, which are hidden in a concealed structure and visible through peep holes. They are presented together with photographs taken during the past two years, thereby adding a dimension of enigma to the overall exhibit as the viewer attempts to find the links between the exhibits parts.


2018-19: THE VOICE

Having been an X-Factor judge for three years, Lider leaves the show for the spin-around seats of “The Voice,” the reality show which relies entirely on contestants’ musical talent. Fellow judges are Shlomi Shabbat, Yuval Dayan, Nasreen Kadri and Doron Medeli.


Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes

In August 2019 Ivri releases the song “Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes” – in collaboration with DJ Tomer Maizner (guest: Noa Kirel). The song becomes a great hit and is warmly received by the public and the radio alike.


Waiting for Albi

As part of the 7th International Photograpy Festival in November – December, Ivri Lider presents a new body of work he photographed during the waiting period for the birth of his son in the US. The documentation is very personal and intimate while echoing social and political issues, from the surrogacy law in Israel through the US during the Donald Trump era.


“Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes” Tour

In December 2019 Lider launches a new tour under the name “Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes”. The show is comprised of three parts – Ivri and the band, Ivri and the piano, and Ivri and Tomer Maizner.


2020 – Ivri Lider and the Philharmonic Orchestra

In January 2020, for the first time in his long career, Ivri performs with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ilan Mochiach at the Tel Aviv Hall of Culture.



In 2020 Lider returns to Israel with his firstborn son, Albi, following a surrogacy process in the US. This event receives massive media coverage and paves the way for legislation of the Knesset that will enable same-sex couples to undergo the process and pursue surrogacy in the State of Israel. Lider played a major role in this struggle in the years prior to his own surrogacy process.


Remember Everything – Ivri and Muki

In March 2020 another exciting collaboration emerges between Ivri and Muki since their “Mazal Tov Israel” back in 2012.

The connection was unplanned and occurred in Noam Akrabi’s studio, to the lyrics of Sahar Israel Hagai and Noam’s music. It was the first song released during the first corona lockdown in Israel and reflects the spirit of the period and the experiences in the country during this period.

Remember Everything


The Middle East

The hysterical hit that started out as correspondence on Instagram, continued in emails and culminated in recording studios in Daliat al-Carmel, Tel Aviv and New York.

The collaboration between Ivri Lider and the Druze DJ Sam Halabi entered every home in Israel, exceeded the 3 million views threshold on YouTube for the clip directed by Omer Tobi and reached more than 2 million streams on Spotify. The song video was filmed in the empty airport during the corona period and depicts a chaotic reality of an airport empty of people and planes. The talented actress Maggie Azerzer participated in the clip.   

The Middle East




2021 – The Empty Moment

Ivri releases a personal and revealing song about that moment, that less than glamorous time in the story and Facebook culture age. The actress Agam Rudberg is cast in this magical and moving clip directed by Omer Tobi.

The Empty Moment


Mehubarim (Connected)

In the course of 2021 – at the height of the corona period, Lider participates in the television series “Mehubarim”, where in a rare display of courage he exposes his personal, professional and social life.

From “Mehubarim


2021 Independence Day Torch-Lighting Ceremony

Ivri Lider opens the State of Israel’s torch-lighting ceremony that pays tribute to leading Israeli figures in their respective fields, among them society, industry, technology and culture. Lider opens and closes the ceremony.

Ten Lazman Lalechet” (Let the Time Pass) – Ivri Lider at the 2021 Torch-Lighting  Ceremony

Medley of songs – Ivri Lider at the 2021 Torch-Lighting Ceremony


Sameach (Happy) – May 2021

Once again Lider succeeds in distilling the essence of our life in a precise and perceptive text, reflecting the spirit of the times through the dreams of the Israeli bride. As always with Ivri, beneath the sweeping melody and musical production hides a sharp and incisive statement. Thus, in May 2021 Ivri once again collaborates with Sam Halabi to bring us the hit “Sameach” (happy), accompanied by an entertaining clip directed by Omer Tobi. The song becomes an ad for a leading Israeli bank – Bank Hapoalim, as part of its campaign to attract young couples to open a bank account.

Sameach (Happy)


Launch of a Childrens Book – June 2021

“Karnafoni, JukiPod and Friends” is the first children’s book written by the acclaimed singer and artist Ivri Lider. This is a joint work of Ivri and his sister Ria, who illustrated the book and conceived the idea of the combined animals. Eilat Feller-Maimon joined the artistic process and also edited the book.

For Lider, who became a father a year and a half before the book was published, this is his first experience writing for children.

The stories describe the world of the combined animals and their interaction with children and adults, at times in real-life situations, some almost tangible and palpable and others entirely fictional. The novel animals enable the children to let their imagination soar and to think outside the box, freely and creatively.



Caesarea – August 2021

“The show of the summer” when it comes to Israeli music. He entered our life about 25 years ago with the  pleasant  “Caressing and Lying”, and over time not only improved with age like fine wine, but also grew increasingly effervescent, like good champagne… . As usual, Ivri fills the Caesarea Amphitheatre to capacity, and marks a peak moment when he invites the transgender soccer referee Sapir Berman on stage to dedicate and sing to her “My Princess”.



Stop the World

In October 2021 Ivri releases “Stop the World” which he dedicates to his good friend and leading guitarist in the Israeli music scene, the late Yonatan fridge. Along with the song a scholarship for guitar studies was established in memory of Fridge at the Rimon School of Music – to be awarded to outstanding guitar students.